Egypt’s Mubarak praises Sisi's administration

Hosni Mubarak says he’s optimistic about Egypt’s future during a TV appearance and urges Egyptian people to “trust in their leader”

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Mubarak praised current Egyptian president Abdul Fattah el Sisi’s “wise path and leadership” and expressed his faith in and support for the former army general.


Egyptian deposed president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak said in a phone interview Monday on the Sada el Balad independent TV channel that he is optimistic about what the future holds for Egypt with a “strong and trustworthy” leader like Sisi.


Abdul Fattah el Sisi came to office in June 2014, a year after what the Muslim Brotherhood call a “military coup” that he orchestrated in July 2013 which overthrew Egypt’s first civilian elected president Mohamed Morsi.


Morsi is facing 20 years in jail for al “Itihadeya” case in which he and other 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders were accused of killing ten protesters and “exercising excessive power” outside Itihadeya Palace in December 2012.


This is the first public appearance of Mubarak since he was found innocent of all charges last November. The charges included the killing of protesters in the January 25 2011 revolution. The number of protestors who were killed was around 1,500.


Hosni Mubarak had been in office for 30 years, from 1981 until the revolution in 2011. He was later detained and faced trial for a number of charges from August 2011 until his acquittal last November.


Ahmad Moussa, the TV host who arranged Mubarak’s phone call, is best known for his outspoken support for the deposed president.


Mubarak talked for 14 minutes, in which he mentioned the Liberation of the Sinai in 1982, the Camp David peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and the assassination of late Egyptian president Anwar Al Sadat.


“Israel tried in every possible way to hinder the process of reclaiming Sinai, saying the historical borders gives them the right to Taba.”


The interview came following the April 25 Sinai Liberation day in Egypt, which pushed Moussa to ask Mubarak about the wars he witnessed as a former army fighter pilot.


Mubarak then said Egypt had and still has a strong army.


Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry is said to be suing Mubarak for his “moral and political crimes” against the Egyptian people. Sabry said “not enough investigative committees were formed during the trials of Mubarak, allowing him to be set free easier.”

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