Egypt’s Salah Abu Ismail faces up to 7 years in jail

Former Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail to spend seven years in rigorous imprisonment over forgery of presidential credentials upon running for 2012 elections

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Court of cassation rejected Abu Ismail appeal against his forgery verdict of seven years in jail, issued last year, however with the same end punishment.

Court believes Abu Ismail knew of his mother’s dual citizenship so he falsified her birth certificate to prove she’s only Egyptian while she has been an American citizen since 2006.

After Abu Ismail’s disqualification from the presidential race, Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi won by 52 percent however he was ousted a year later by former army general Abdel Fattah elSisi.

The Salafi preacher, lawyer and consultant is also charged of libel against Ahmed Gamal El-Din, former minister of interior, and is currently spending a full year in prison with labor, over saying in a Youtube video: “Ahmed Gamal El-Din is conspiring with the secret services and his whole administration [of the ministry of interior] has to be flogged with lashes.” During the libel trial, Abu Ismail made a rather unusual request when he insisted the court should summon ousted former president Mohamed Morsi to hear his testimony over the matter, a demand the court declined shortly after.

The Abu Ismail seven year sentence comes only hours after the attack on the Egyptian Media City nearby Cairo, where Abu Ismail has more than once urged his followers to attack in order to “free the Egyptian mind from the government mainstream media.” He once demonstrated a sit-in by the Media city gates, only to eventually be dissolved by the police forces.

Activists have jokingly linked the Media city attack to Abu Ismail saying that he did it while he was in jail. Abu Ismail is not the first presidential candidate to spend time in prison during Hosni Mubarak regime.

Ayman Nour, one of the most famous political rivals to Mubarak and the first ever to run for president in 2005 along with him, was in and out of jail many times, charged of forging PAs (Powers of Attorney) to secure the formation of the el-Ghad party which he founded.

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