Eighty-four Al Shabab militants killed by Kenyan forces

Eighty-four allegedly Al Shabab militants killed during clashes in Somalia with Kenyan Defence Forces

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A week-long clash in Somalia between Kenyan Defense Forces and Al Shabab militants, the Somali-based Al Qaeda-affiliated militant group, lead to the death of 84 allegedly Al Shabab militants.

The militant group had been extensively undermined, Kenya Defence Forces spokesman Colonel David Obonyo said to Anadolu Agency on Thursday.

“We managed to kill 24 al-Shabab members a few kilometres from Baradhere town in Somalia yesterday,” Obonyo said. “Only two of our soldiers were injured and they are currently being treated. Eight soldiers from the Somali National army were injured while two others died.”

In addition, 60 militants were killed earlier this week when Kenyan forces shelled Baradera town in southern Somalia.

US President Barack Obama will arrive in Kenya on Friday for the two-day Global Entrepreneurship Summit that will be taking place in the Kenyan capital, according to the White House, despite a recent security breach committed by an African airline official.

Concerns were raised after reports were shown that an official working for Kenya Airways sent an email that gave away detailed arrival and departure timings for Air Force One in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

No sensitive information was leaked, an airline spokesman stated. 

The Secret Service was well aware of the security breach but stated that it had no effect on the president’s upcoming trip to Kenya, US National Security Advisor Susan Rice told reporters.

"Often times a lot of this information is not entirely accurate," Rice said. "In no way is it disturbing our plans."

Although the details of the president’s travel were leaked ahead of time, those arrangements are not as specific until the final itinerary is made, White House spokesman Josh Earnest added.

Obama’s visit to Kenya is of particular concern as it continues to battle the Somalia-based Al Shabab insurgency.

Al Shabab insurgents have since been responsible for a chain of attacks in Kenya, with the deadliest occurring in April this year when the group’s gunmen murdered 148 people at Garissa University in the country's east.

The group also claimed responsibility for the 2013 Westgate Mall assault in the capital that caused 67 fatalities and injured almost 200 others.

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