Erdogan says Muslims targeted with excuse of DAESH in Syria

Turkish President Erdogan says Muslims are being targeted in Syria regardless of whether they are babies children or women on pretext of hitting DAESH areas

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Updated Dec 20, 2015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said late on Saturday that Muslims are being killed irrespective of whether they are babies, children or women in Syria with the excuse of targeting DAESH terrorist positions.

"Organizations such as DAESH, by using symbols and words that are considered holy in Islam, are not only conducting one of history's most devastating wars against Muslims but also are being used as an excuse to hit Muslims with blow after blow," said Erdogan during the Shab-e Arus ceremony, which commemorates the 742nd anniversary of Rumi's passing away.

"The power struggle in Syria fought under the pretext of combating DAESH has turned into a tragic play and a theatre," said Erdogan.

''Everyone is acting and striving to steal a role but the reality is that it is the people -- babies, children, women and the elderly -- that are being killed, along with the destruction of houses, schools, places of worship and historical monuments."

Erdogan indicated lots of homes, school, places of worship, historical artifacts have been destroyed during the ongoing attacks and “Bombs are being thrown for totally different motives. But in the places these bombs are exploding, there is spilled blood, darkened lives.”

He said nearly 400 thousand people have been killed in Syria. 12 million innocent people have been driven out of their homes and country.

“People who say they are 'Muslim' are continuing to take their place next to the tyrant, continuing to encourage cruelty.”

Only 10 percent of Russian air strikes hit DAESH

Turkish president said in his speech, referring to Russian air strike targets in Syria, only 10 percent of the air strikes have targeted DAESH areas while 90 percent targeted opposition-held areas, including the Turkmen region.

“So we are seeing that Muslims are targeted. Please, no one should fool nobody,” Erdogan said.

On this issue, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) published a new report on Tuesday, saying Russian air strikes had bombed only small number of DAESH-controlled regions.

The UK-based report shows that only 27 out of Russia’s 138 air strikes had targeted the DAESH controlled areas, while the majority of air strikes were bombing opposition areas.

Meanwhile, related to the war crimes in Syria, the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria announced on Wednesday that they had decided not to probe foreign countries' air operations in Syria, even if there is a potential incident regarding violations of the rules of engagement.

In recent days, human rights groups have published several reports concerning foreign air strikes that have violated the rules of engagement by striking civilians in Syria.

SNHR published a new report on Tuesday and said that during the Russian attacks, 583 people, including 570 civilians, had been killed since September 30.

The report entitled “They [Russians] Came to Kill Us” showed the death toll includes 152 children and 60 women.

The SNHR also said in the report that Russian fighter jets destroyed at least 16 schools, 11 hospitals, 10 mosques, eight industrial structures and several opposition headquarters that were being used to fight against the Assad regime and DAESH.

The Human Rights Watch, an international non-governmental organization, also stated that during the air strikes, vacuum bombs could possibly have been used in residential areas.

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