Families return to Bashiqa after Daesh defeat

The Iraqi town was the focus of intense fighting between Kurdish peshmerga forces and Daesh. With Daesh driven out, some residents are returning.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

While thousands of residents will have to wait to return home, some people have managed to go back to areas that have been recaptured. Here Iraqis inspect their destroyed house in Bashiqa.

Once home to 100,000 people, the northern Iraqi town of Bashiqa, near Mosul, is now in ruins. It will take a lot of work before it resembles its former self, and some scars will never heal.

Still, a few residents of the town have returned, despite the lack of electricity and the danger posed by explosive traps left be departing Daesh after their defeat.

"My home is my life. My home is my stability, my security," said one of the returning residents.

TRT World’s Shamim Chowdhury has this story from Bashiqa.