Families torn apart during the war in Syria

Nada is another Syrian child who lost its parents during the 6-year war in the country. The only one she has left is her brother Muhayyddin. They are the only survivors from a family of seven.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

Nada is visiting her family in the cemetery they are all buried at. Her parents, two brothers and one sister were all killed during the war in Syria.

It's hard to say just how many children have been orphaned by six years of war in Syria. Many are looked after by extended family. TRT World spent some time with two children from a family of seven.

Nada and her brother are the sole survivors of their family. Back in April, they were rescued by volunteers after an air strike hit their home. 

TRT World's Sarah Jones brings Nada's story from Syria.