Fighting continues in Syria despite endorsed resolution

The move comes as Syrian rebels threaten to pull out of a newly agreed truce, complaining of violations by the regime.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Both the Syrian rebels and the regime have been critical of the UN’s efforts in implementing ceasefires so far. Photo: Osama Abu Zaid, a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army rebel alliance, shows the text of the agreement about the current ceasefire.

Updated Jan 1, 2017

The UN Security Council on Saturday voted on a resolution that would endorse the current ceasefire agreement between opposition groups and the regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria, but rebel groups threatened to abandon the truce if violations by the regime continued.

The UN resolution on what is the third truce this year aiming to end six years of war was adopted unanimously in a meeting by the 15-member council in New York. While the deal that was brokered by Russia and Turkey last week reduced the level of violence in Syria, air strikes and shelling have continued in some areas.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the level of fighting decreased on Saturday, and the truce is not currently at risk, but one rebel official said it is "in serious danger."

"Continued violations by the regime and bombardment and attempts to attack areas under the control of the revolutionary factions will make the agreement null and void," said a statement from a coalition of rebel groups.

Meanwhile, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) said in a separate statement that they would abandon the truce deal if Russia, whose air power has helped the Assad regime to turn the tide of the war, did not use its influence to halt attacks in Wadi Barada by 1800 GMT yesterday. 

Factions of the FSA said regime forces and Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah fighters have been trying to push rebels back in the Wadi Barada valley, northwest of Damascus.

Two rebel officials later said that the ceasefire was kept after air raids around Wadi Barada stopped just before 8 pm.

The Observatory confirmed that there had been fighting in the area, and said the regime shelled the southern provinces of Quneitra and Deraa.

Russia's Defence Ministry on Friday accused the rebels of violating the truce 12 times in 24 hours.