Fire kills four in Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon

At least four people die in fire in Syrian refugee camp based in Lebanon

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Officials say at least four people died in a fire on Monday that sprang up in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley refugee camp hosting Syrians.

Security officials had first announced six deaths, however the camp officials and witnesses counted four, including three children with two missing.

The campsite was packed with 300 hundred tents that hosted 600 refugees. More than half of the tents burned down, according to the officials.

The source of the fire is yet to be identified, some witnesses claimed it was an electric fault whilst others said a woman was cooking over a fire and it spread from there.

"The bodies were totally burned and cannot be recognised. Some are children," a security official said to Reuters.

The four-year ongoing Syrian civil war led to millions of Syrian refugees fleeing the country. Official numbers say nearly 4 million refugees are in neighbouring countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan.

Turkey has become the world's largest refugee hosting country with 1.7 million Syrian refugees.

In Lebanon, the conditions of refugee camps are poor with makeshift settlements made out of various recycled material.

A quarter of Lebanon’s total population is now identified to be refugees. The Lebanese authorities have prohibited the United Nations from building refugee settlement camps which caused a dispersion of the refuges to over 1,500 communities


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