Five people die in ISIS attack in Saudi Arabia

ISIS attack on Shiite meeting hall in Saudi Arabia leaves five dead

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

A voluntary security group search Saudi worshippers.

Updated Oct 18, 2015

Five people have been killed after a gunman opened fire on a Shiite Muslim meeting hall in Saudi Arabia on Friday before being shot and killed by police. Saudi media sources blamed ISIS for the attack.

The gunman arrived at the congregation hall in a taxi and was stopped at a volunteer checkpoint, said residents.

The attack left five people dead and several injured. Police officers arrested two suspects who are thought to be linked to the incident.

"A person who opened fire on a husseiniya was killed, and the attacker was in his twenties," reported the government-run channel, Al Ekhbariya TV.

"With the approval of God Almighty, the soldier of the caliphate Shuja al-Dawsari, may God accept him, set his Kalashnikov upon one of the apostate polytheists' temples," said an online statement on one of the Twitter accounts used by ISIS.

This is not the first time a Shiite site has been targeted in the kingdom this year. In recent months, ISIS has conducted attacks inside the kingdom to create a sectarian confrontation.

In May, a suicide bomber detonated his bomb during Friday prayers at a mosque and killed at least 21 and injured 81 others.

In August, a suicide bomber killed approximately 15 people in an attack on a mosque which was used by members of a local security force in Saudi Arabia.

After Friday’s attack, many people gathered in Saudi Arabia's Saihat city to protest against the violence.

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