Five policemen killed by ISIS near Iraq's Baiji refinery

Five Iraqi policemen slain near their country’s biggest oil refineries by ISIS militants

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

ISIS has killed five Iraqi policemen in a town near the country’s biggest oil refinery in Baiji.

An Iraqi security official said on Wednesday, that the ISIS attack would help ease pressure on some of the militants belonging to the insurgent group trapped in the strategically important facility.

Some ISIS militants were trapped in the refinery while besieged by government forces and militias.

Iraqi army forces supported by the Iranian-backed Shiite popular mobilisation forces, Hashd al-Shabi, and the US-led international coalition, has made great progress in their battle against ISIS as they advance towards the Baiji oil refinery. According to the Pentagon, Iraqi forces succeeded in opening the gas supply line into the city.

Iraq's regional security command centre said the insurgents mounted the operation at Tal Albu Jarad village as part of a battle for control of the Baiji refinery and neighbouring villages, which has changed hands several times.

ISIS militants recaptured three neighbourhoods in the town of Baiji near the refinery, after receiving reinforcements but fresh and fierce clashes have erupted consequently ever since, the security official said.

ISIS controls a third of major oil producer Iraq and large parts of neighbouring Syria. Most recently Anbar’s Ramadi fell in their grasp, the failure was called a “tactical setback” by US President Barack Obama.

ISIS had threatened to march on Baghdad, a scenario that is unlikely given the large numbers of security forces and their Shiite militia allies in and around the capital.

Refugees fleeing Anbar’s Ramadi were not allowed into Baghdad for a long time, as Iraqi government fears ISIS militants can dissolve with the displaced families and thus infiltrate the city.

ISIS had claimed responsibility for several suicide bombings and roadside bomb attacks in Baghdad. On Wednesday, six people were killed by bombings in different parts of the city, medical and police sources said.

Eighty US military advisers arrived at the Habbaniyah military base east of Ramadi in efforts to help prepare the Iraqi army for battle, the advisers will be "training and preparing military plans in the battle to liberate Fallujah and Ramadi."

Fallujah and Ramadi are currently under the control of ISIS.

"The 80 American military advisers arrived late last night to the Habbaniyah military base, 30 kilometers east of Ramadi," a member in the Anbar province council told Anadolu news agency.

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