Flash flood kills three people in Kenya

Kenyan Meteorological Department predicts that massive rainfall could be worst rains that Kenya witnesses in 60 years

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

People die every year from heavy rainfall in Kenya. In 2013, tens of thousands of people were affected by flash floods and landslides in Kenya.

Updated Nov 4, 2015

A flash flood killed at least three people, including two children and destroyed a number of houses belonging to herders in Kenya’s Narok town on Tuesday, a Kenyan health official said.

Narok, is a town built on the way of a seasonal river, it is known for its very poor drainage systems and is surrounded by hills that causes huge amounts of water to flood directly into the area.  

St. John's Ambulance Communications Officer, Fred Majiwa, reported on the toll, stating that “Kenyans should heed El Nino warnings seriously, three people have died from the morning’s downpour, houses have been destroyed and the residents are counting their losses.”

Nathan Kigotho, director of the National Disaster Operations in Kenya also said that Kenya has already prepared to tackle rains similar to El Nino rains. He added that, the Kenyan government has allocated about $49 million for the aftermath, which could be the worst rain the country has witnessed in over 60 years, as predicted by the Kenyan meteorologists.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has warned that the country may face huge rainfall between November and December this year.

On April 29 this year, 15 people also died in floods, in the town of Narok due to the bad drainage system.

Between 1997 and 1998, El Nino rains have killed thousands of people and left thousands homeless, apart from causing catastrophic damage to social infrastructures across Kenya. 

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