Former cancer patient clowns around in Gaza hospital

A young Palestinian has turned a hospital in Gaza into a place of laughter by dressing up as a clown to entertain sick children.

Photo by: Screengrab via Youtube
Photo by: Screengrab via Youtube

Abdullah Abu Shaban, 23, was successfully treated for cancer in Israel. He believes laughter is a powerful healing tool.

Abdullah Abu Shaban, a 23-year-old cancer patient in remission is using the healing powers of laughter to help cheer up sick children in a Gaza hospital.

One of the most densely populated tracts on earth, Gaza is home to mostly impoverished refugees and their descendants. It lacks basic civic infrastructure. People there live under an Egyptian-Israeli blockade meant to cut off the flow of weapons to the armed group Hamas, but the restriction also extends to the import of fuel, building supplies and basic goods.

UNICEF says children in Gaza are in dire need of psychosocial support.

TRT World's Nick Davies-Jones has more on Shaban and his cheerful antics.


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