Four Jordanian police killed in new clashes near Karak

Security forces came under fire during a raid to track down suspects following Sunday's assault in the city.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Jordanian security forces on December 19, 2016 during the funeral of victims who were killed in an attack in Karak, a tourist destination, around 120 kilometres (70 miles) south of the capital Amman.

Updated Dec 21, 2016

Four Jordanian policemen were killed in the new shootout with Daesh on Tuesday, state media said.

Security forces came under fire after launching a raid to track down suspects following Sunday's assault in Karak, which Daesh claimed responsibility for on Tuesday.

But it was unclear whether the two groups of militants were working together. A senior security source said the targets in Tuesday's incident were not linked to Sunday's attack.

Authorities said that police surrounded a house where the gunmen were holed up and that the suspects opened fire on them.

Sunday's shooting spree in Karak, home to one of the region's biggest Crusader castles, killed seven policemen, two Jordanian civilians and a Canadian tourist. Thirty-four people were wounded.

Jordanian security forces also killed four assailants after an hours-long siege of the Crusader castle, where the suspects fled after opening fire on police patrols and a police station in the city.

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