Free Syrian Army denies meeting with Russians

Free Syrian Army (FSA) denies reports claiming that representatives of FSA would meet Russians in Abu Dabi

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

One of the opposition factions in Syria, Free Syrian Army fighters

Four representatives of Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Syria denied reports on Thursday claiming FSA would meet with Russian officials in Abu Dabi next week to discuss about Syria’s future.

Representatives of FSA have said Russians had been meeting with the ones who falsely claimed to be members of FSA.

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Despite the reports saying one the commander of FSA, Mahmoud al Afandi, 28 FSA brigades in the suburbs of Damascus, Quneitra, Hama and the western suburb of Homs, as well as from the northern front and from the suburbs of Aleppo and Idlib had agreed to meet with Russians, FSA denied the claim with the same reason.

One of the prominent figures of FSA Bashar al Zoubi said Russians don't want a ‘honest solution’ to the Syrian war and there is no contact with them.

Zoubi, who is head of the political office of the FSA-affiliated Yarmouk Army added that he didn’t hear anything about the meeting and Russia had been looking for some alliances on the ground and the political opposition to strengthen its position.

Fares al Bayoush, head of another FSA group, Fursan al Haq, said no FSA delegation was going to meet the Russians.

"They are meeting with Syrians who do not represent anyone, and claim they met representatives of the Free Army," he said.

In his offer to the FSA, Mr Lavrov said the Russian Air Force could support the FSA, had the US provided information about rebel positions. 

FSA also rejected the offer of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, suggesting to the Russian military help on the ground to fight against DAESH terrorists. 

"Russian President Vladimir Putin, is assisting a regime that indiscriminately kills its own people. Russia has no role in Syria," FSA spokesman Issam al Reis said.

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