Garbage problem in Lebanon prompts human rights concerns

Human Rights Watch says confessions of civil defendants in military trials were extracted through torture. The defendants are part of the #YouStink protest against mountains of garbage in Beirut amid allegations of corruption.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

#YouStink protests began in August 2015 in response to Beirut's waste management crisis.

Military courts are set to try 14 civilians for their involvement in #YouStink protests against Beirut's failed waste management amid allegations of widespread corruption in Lebanon's political system.

Military courts are hearing the civilian cases because the government argues the defendants assaulted security forces during banned protests.

The rubbish crisis began in the summer of 2015. It triggered a political crisis and demonstrations against mountains of garbage piling up on the streets of Lebanon's capital.

Human Rights Watch on Thursday said defendants were tortured into confessing.

TRT World 's Abir Ahmar in Beirut spoke to #YouStink member, Waref Sulaiman, one of those on trial.


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