Ghana judges to be investigated over corruption claims

Ghana’s judicial council to launch extensive investigation on corruption in judiciary

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Martyrs of the rule of law, Ghana

Following a two year-investigation by a journalist, Gana has decided to start a detailed investigation over corruption allegations.

Ghana’s judicial council announced on Wednesday there are 22 suspected judges and magistrates accused of related corrupt activities. The council has also started an investigation about other court officials who may be associated with suspected judiciary.

Aremeyaw Anas, a top Ghanaian investigative journalist and a lawyer, asserts that 34 judges have accepted bribes and extorted money.

He states he has 500 hours of video record being shared with the chief justice.

The council gave him immunity to make certain of the investigation process.

Meanwhile, according to Daily Graphic, a Ghanaian state-owned daily newspaper published in Accra, 180 officials were caught on the journalists’ camera while accepting bribes and extorting money from Ghanaian citizens included in court cases.

A judicial official said one of the suspected judges resigned on Tuesday following the allegations.

For years, the judiciary has been labeled as one of the most corrupt departments in Ghana by many authorities like the Ghana Integrity Initiative, an anti-corruption group, and Institute of Economic Affairs, a local policy think tank.

Ghana ranked 61 out of 175 countries added in corruption watchdog Transparency International's 2014.

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