Ghana to recruit 177 Cuban doctors

Ghanian Health Minister Alex Segbefia says government is planning to recruit 177 more doctors from Cuba to work at public hospitals hit by doctor’s strike

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Doctors in Ghana

The Ghanaian Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia, announced in Accra yesterday, that Ghanaian government is planning to recruit 177 doctors from Cuba to work at public hospitals and added the government would retain some of the Cuban doctors who have completed their term and are due to return to Cuba,

The minister also said a policy of “no-work-no-pay” would be applied to those who refused to return to work by Thursday.

The Minister did not precisely say when the recruitment would start, but appealed to the Ghanaian doctors to reconsider their position and return to work. The government officials said they would only resume negotiations when the doctors returned to work.

The doctors announced last week that they would continue with the strike for another two weeks.

Meanwhile the government officials have advised people needing urgent medical attention during the strike to go to private clinics and show their health insurance cards.

Doctors requested free postgraduate medical education, better retirement packages and an increase in clothing, fuel and maintenance allowances.

Other demands include requests for free overseas healthcare services which is not available in Ghana, and the right to import vehicles free of duty into the country.


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