Guinean president Conde wins re-election

Guinean President Alpha Conde wins re-election in country’s disputed presidential polls, results tally shows

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Incumbent president Alpha Conde waves as he leaves the polling station during a presidential election in Conakry, Guinea on October 11, 2015

According to a results tally announced by the Guinean electoral commission on Saturday, Guinean President Alpha Conde won re-election with around 58 percent of votes cast in the country’s disputed presidential polls.

The National Electoral Commission announced the election results piecemeal over the last few days and declared its final figures on Saturday. After the commission announces the total numbers, candidates will have eight days to make complaints before the constitutional court validates them.

Opposition leaders refused to recognize the election results. Conde’s nearest challenger, Cellou Dalein Diallo, who gained around 31 percent of votes in the election last Sunday, earlier said that he would not recognize the election results and would call his supporters to take to the streets to protest alleged ‘fraud and rigging’ in the election. Diallo withdrew on Wednesday from the presidential elections.

Millions of Guineans voted on Sunday in the West African country's second free election since it gained independence from France nearly 60 years ago. Election observers said that Sunday’s vote was valid although some logical problems occured. They have not commented on the counting process.

Several people have been killed in clashes erupted between supporters of Guinea’s governing party and the opposition during the presidential elections.

After Conde took power in 2010, he ended two years of military rule during which security forces massacred more than 150 people in the capital, Konakri.

Guinea, the biggest producer of bauxite in Africa, has witnessed two longtime authoritarian rulers.

Ballot boxes are pictured at a results centralization centre in the Guinean capital Conakry on October 14, 2015  (AFP)

Call for demonstrations

Guinea’s opposition leader Cellou Dalein Diallo on Saturday called on his supporters to protest against "serious denial of democracy" in the first round of presidential elections.

"I will invite, at the appropriate time, other candidates and all citizens who are the true victims of this electoral hold-up to organise, conforming to the law, peaceful demonstrations to express our indignation and protest against this serious denial of democracy," said Diallo, Conde's main rival, in a statement read to the media.

Diallo said six other candidates for presidency said they would also not recognise the results of the first round of the elections on October 11.

He claimed that the electoral commission and the government was accused of ballot stuffing, allowing minors to vote, changing the electoral map and intimidation.

Diallo said he would not resort to the Guinea’s constitutional court to protest what he called an "illegal election." He would call on his supporters to take to the streets.

"I confirm my total agreement with this decision. Furthermore, I will not take recourse at the constitutional court," he said.

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