Hamas chief calls for unity among Palestinian leaders

Khaled Meshal says unity among Palestinian leaders is necessary before a congress among leaders kicks off

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Meshaal said a proposed congress of Palestinian leaders set to take place later this month should be postponed

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal has urged for “national unity” should be reached before a first congress among Palestinian leaders in Doha on Monday, calling that Palestinian secular Fatah had to present a unified platform.

Earlier on Monday, Palestinian leaders moved towards a postponement of a first congress among the leaders in 20 years amid supposition over the intentions of President Mahmoud Abbas to resign.

"We as Palestinians, we are being divided against ourselves; there's a lack of authority," Meshal said.

"It's unbelievable and it's unacceptable from any Palestinian leader. The cause of Palestine is bigger than Hamas and Fatah," he added.

Also Meshaal said, a scheduled congress of Palestinian leaders plan to commence later this month should be postponed.

"Postpone the meeting of the National Congress until there's a compromise for the meeting," he said.

"The meeting should be about the laws and regulations we agreed on, otherwise this will lead to more division."

Meshal notified that Hamas were ready to meet its rival Fatah "in any Arab country".

Earlier in June, Ismail Haniya, deputy head of Hamas’ political office, said there had been no humanitarian or economic progress, referring to the reconstruction of the war-torn Gaza after the 51-day ‘’Operation Protective Edge’’ and other issues, in the Gaza Strip since the unity government was formed a year ago. This inability was a major point of internal dispute between Fatah and Hamas.

The resigned unity government was established by Gaza-based Hamas and Ramallah-based Fatah in June 2014 following an agreement carried out to end the division between the two political forces of Palestine in April.

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