Hamas HQ targeted in bombing after ISIS affiliate's threats

Hamas' Gaza headquarters targeted by bombing following treats demanding release of prisoners by ISIS affiliated group

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Bombs detonated outside Hamas’ operation headquarters in Gaza on Monday following threats from a group calling itself the “Supporters of the ISIS in Jerusalem”.

The explosion occurring in the early morning reportedly caused damage to the compound’s outside wall, no information has yet been made available regarding other outcomes of the attack.

The bombing came just hours after an online posting by a group declaring itself an affiliate of ISIS threatened attacks against Hamas if demands of prisoner releases were not met within 72 hours.

"Hamas and its security forces have 72 hours from the release of this statement to free all Salafist (the group’s supporters) prisoners,” the posting by Supporters of the ISIS in Jerusalem read.

"Our soldiers are ready to act against chosen targets at the end of this ultimatum," it continued.

The group expressed its anger at Hamas for arresting or monitoring the activities of ISIS supporters in the Gaza Strip.

The ultimatum came one month after Hamas arrested a leading ISIS supporter, however the ultimatum did not directly demand his release.

Hamas, the administrative party responsible for Gaza’s government and security, began a crackdown on ISIS affiliated individuals earlier this year due to the security concerns they present.

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