Hamas slams Netanyahu on Jerusalem remarks

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Hamas movement slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over 'united Jerusalem' remarks

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Hamas movement have criticized Netanyahu for his remarks that he would never allow the city of Jerusalem to be divided during his rule regardless of any future negotiations with the Palestinians.

Nabil Abu Rdineh, spokesman of the PNA presidency, said in a press statement that Netanyahu's remarks contradict UN resolutions and violate international conventions, Xinhua news agency reported.

"There will be no peace or settlement in the Middle East without having east Jerusalem as the capital of Palestinian state," said Abu Rdineh.

He also slammed earlier remarks of an Israeli minister in Netanyahu's cabinet who stated that the Jews would soon pray at the Muslims' al-Aqsa Mosque in east Jerusalem.

"Such remarks will lead to a big fire that will be very hard to control either by the Arabs or the Muslims allover the world," he added.

The Hamas movement's spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in an emailed press statement that Netanyahu's remarks Jerusalem would not be divided "shows the failure of the so-called peace process".

"Talking about the resumption of the so-called peace talks with the Israeli occupation while these remarks are made is like thirsty people looking for water in the desert," Abu Zuhri said.

Netanyahu's comments came at a special cabinet meeting held at the Israel Museum to commemorate both Jerusalem Day, which was marked on Sunday, and the 50th anniversary of the Israel Museum.

Netanyahu told the audience at a "Jerusalem Day" celebration on Sunday that he "pledges" as prime minister that he will continue to develop the city. "The city was united, and will never be divided again," he insisted.

"I have a clear position. We build in Jerusalem, it will never return to being a frontline or a border city," Netanyahu said. "We removed the fences, walls, fortifications and mine-fields. We have put its parts back together. This is not to say the unification is perfect, but we will not go back to the past. Jerusalem is located in the heart of Israel and we will not permit any enemy who seeks our destruction to be there,” he remarked.

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