Hashtag war marks Sisi's first year as Egyptian leader

Pro-Sisi and anti-Sisi followers battle on social media as Egyptians evaluate one year of President Sisi’s rule

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Egyptian people are evaluating the presidency of former General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who came to power year ago after deposing Egypt’s first democratically elected president - Mohamed Morsi - in a coup in 2013, AA has reported.

Egyptian social media followers have described Sisi’s presidency with two opposing hashtags: “Your year is black” and “A year of order.”

According to AA, since Morsi’s ouster, political polarisation in Egypt has been deepening, especially on social media. 

Giving a statement to reporters, Sisi described his first year as a “hard mission,” asking Egyptians not to give credit to opposition groups.

The left-wing movement Revolutionary Socialists called for country-wide protests and disobedience on Thursday. 

Despite not stating its stance towards the socialists, Egypt’s Anti-Coup Alliance also called for a week of protests as of last Friday.

The Revolutionary Socialists have criticised Egypt’s economic situation in a report titled “Rights and freedoms in the first year of al-Sisi.”

“The economy did not advance even one step; we only saw a number of chimerical projects and promises… such as a project to build one million housing units – that was later canceled – and a March economic conference after which the government failed to inform us of the deals that were concluded so that we might evaluate and monitor the government’s steps and the executive companies,” the report said.

Egypt’s Free Social Constitutional Party, on the other hand, praised the performance of Sisi in its report referring to “Egypt’s role in Africa; concluding economic and military deals with a number of countries [including France, China, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and Hungary]; restoring security; pursuing housing and urban development projects; developing agriculture; and launching the New Suez Canal project and the national roads network project.”

Fifty scholars, activists and advocacy groups around the world urged the international community, including the UN and the EU, to stop supporting Sisi and Egypt’s army-backed government in late May.

A petition has been signed by intellectuals calling on international organisations such as the UN and the EU as well as countries like the US to defend human rights in Egypt. It was published 10 days after an Egyptian court sentenced Morsi to death.

The deposed Egyptian president has been sentenced to death along with 106 others for breaking out of prison in 2011 during the revolution which led to the resignation of his autocratic predecessor Hosni Mubarak.

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