Heatwave death toll rises to 93 in Egypt

At least 93 people die in Egypt as heatwave hits across Middle East

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A boy plays with his dog along the beach at the river Nile, to escape from the hot weather, on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, August 12, 2015.

Updated Aug 18, 2015

The death toll of Egyptians due to extreme temperatures has risen to 93 people, including mostly elderly, Egyptian authorities said.

Egypt’s Health Minister has urged people to not go out and avoid staying in the sun if they can.

On Sunday temperatures reached above average with 42C in Cairo, the capital of the country. Since the beginning of this month, the heat in Cairo has been around 36-40 C.

In the southern city of Aswan, the temperatures have shown 47C, at least 3C above average throughout the month.

The Middle East has extremes of temperature and this summer the region faces with more hot weather and humid.

In Syria the temperatures have reached 40C in excess as dust storms cause the conditions get worse and more unbearable.

In major Iraqi cities such as Baghdad and Basrah the government declared national holidays when the temperatures have peaked 50C.

Israel’s Health Ministry has urged people to drink more water due to the temperature that rose 38C on Sunday, 7C above average.

The heatwave has hit Gulf countries including Qatar and Saudi Arabia. High humidity and drier air made life more uncomfortable as its level has risen.

The heat and humidity made it feel around 70C in some days in the Gulf regions of Iran and Iraq.

Egypt meteorological office has said the heat will continue until middle of this month.

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