Here's how Syrians are reacting online to US strikes on an Assad base

Syrians around the world woke up to news of a US strike on a Syrian military airbase. Many welcomed the move — but some are also cautious.

Photo by: (AFP)
Photo by: (AFP)

US President Donald Trump said the attack on Syrian air base was to prevent and deter the spread and use deadly chemical weapons.

On Thursday night, the United States fired dozens of cruise missiles at an air base in Syria “in retaliation” for a chemical attack on opposition-held Idlib carried out by the Syrian regime. Here is what Syrians had to say:

The reactions were varied: 

Some Syrians were positive:

But some had their reservations:  

This tweet reads:  "The American strike is just like the hunter who pets his dog when it gets the prey a little late. We say again, nobody takes care of a dog to kill it."

 This tweet reads: "The countries are so excited and supporting the American strike. It seems like they own the right to condemn or refuse."


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