Hollande denies Putin's claim over alliance of FSA, Assad

French President Hollande denies claims by Russian President Vladimir Putin over cooperation between Free Syrian Army (FSA), Bashar Assad

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Françoise Hollande

President of France, Francois Hollande denied Russian President, Vladimir Putin's claim that he suggested a possible alliance between Free Syrian Army (FSA) and forces loyal to Bashar al Assad.

Hollande said: "Know that it will not be possible to reunite the opposition — I am talking about the moderate opposition, the democratic opposition — with the executioner of the Syrian people."

Russian President, Vladimir Putin made a claim in a joint television appearance on Wednesday that French President, Hollande raised the idea of uniting forces loyal to Bashar Assad and Free Syrian Army (FSA) against ISIS, during a meeting to find a peaceful solution for Ukraine in Paris.

"During my last visit to Paris, French President, Hollande expressed an interesting idea according to which in his opinion it might be possible to at least try to unite the efforts of the government troops of president Assad's army and the so-called Free Syrian Army," Putin said.

A member of Hollande's entourage told reporters during a visit to Strasbourg that allying moderate rebels from the Free Syrian Army with the government forces to fight Islamic State was not a French idea.

"The president spoke of the necessary presence of the Syrian opposition around the negotiating table." A member of Hollande’s entourage said.

‘’The rest is not France’s idea.’’ the source added.

Last Friday, Hollande said he had spoken with Russian president to find a diplomatic solution, proposing the government and opposition to form a consensus government and expressed his position as demanding Assad should eventually step down.

France has repeatedly stated that they prefer a Syria without Assad. France advocates that once a transitional government is formed and Assad is gone, government troops and moderate forces would join together to fight against ISIS.

Also a leading rebel leader fighting in southern Syria, Bashar al Zoubi has told Reuters that it was illogical to suggest that FSA could join forces with Damascus to fight against ISIS.

"Before we fight Daesh alongside the Syrian army, the one who brought Daesh into Syria - the Syrian regime - must be held to account," Zoubi  said.

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