Houthi arm depots bombed hours before the ceasefire

Arm depots were bombed outside of Yemen’s Sanaa on Monday by the Saudi-led coalition, one day before the five-day ceasefire, at least 20 people were reported dead

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Arm depots were heavily attacked on the outskirts of the city by Saudi-led coalition air strikes on Monday, one day before the US proposed humanitarian ceasefire.

The five-day humanitarian ceasefire is scheduled to start on Tuesday 11 PM Sanaa local time, however 20 people are reported dead from Monday’s attack, according to the AP.

Bombed weapon depots are reportedly under Iranian-backed houthis control, smoke clouds towered over the city for hours after the air strikes.

Earlier on Monday, the official Saudi Press Agency said one Pakistani citizen was killed and four people were injured, including a little girl, in a Houthi mortar attack on the Saudi border town of Najran.The rebels also claimed to have shot down a Moroccan F16 fighter plane that was part of the coalition force, according to the pro-Houthi channel Al-Masira. 

Houthis said regional tribesmen shot down the aircraft and drowned it. Several videos were shown which sparked a controversy in the Moroccan public opinion, over whether or not it's acceptable for their country to take part in what was called “Gulf country’s regional battles”.

Mohamed Mesbah, Moroccan political researcher at Carnegie Middle East studies center, said what's best for Morocco may not align with what’s best for the Gulf countries, and warned of “swaying with the Gulf’s agenda”.

Morocco is also a part of the US-led military coalition fighting ISIS.

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