Houthi militias fire rockets at market place

Iran backed Houthi militias fire rockets at busy market in Marib, killing at least 20 people

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Houthi militias

According to medics and witnesses, Iran-backed Houthis fired Katyhusha rockets at a busy market in Yemen’s eastern capital city of Marib killing at least 20 people on Friday.

According to witnesses, the market was targeted. A medical official said that "twenty civilians were killed and dozens wounded." 

The attack came after Saudi-led coalition forces hit Marib killing seven Houthi militias. Apache helicopters also joined the fight against Houthi militias as Arab troops were deployed in Marib on Tuesday.

Heavy clashes were also reported between Yemen's national army and the Houthi militias and Saleh’s forces - who joined together - in the western part of Marib.

Marib is an important asset to Yemen with its the energy supply to the country. The province is one of the few places in Yemen rich in oil and gas production, as well as being the center for powerplants. Militants seized the capital Sanna'a last year and Marib got stuck between the Houthi hometown and the capital.

According to two tribal chiefs in Marib, 8000 Yemeni forces and tribal figters, located in the province united against Houthi militias. Some of the forces are directly loyal to president Hadi, where some forces - in large numbers - from Saudi Arabia are loyal to the Islah party.

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