Houthi rockets kill 14 in Yemen’s Taiz

At least 14 Yemeni civilians killed by missiles fired by Iranian-backed Houthi fighters as fighting intensifies for control of Taiz

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

People gather on the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen's central city of Taiz

At least 14 civilians, most of them children, were killed by missiles fired by Iranian-backed Houthi fighters as fighting intensified for control of Yemen’s third largest city, Taiz, residents said on Monday.

The Saudi-led coalition also launched air strikes on military bases and Houthi bastions in the southwest during the fighting, residents said, but no casualties were reported.

Since April Houthis and pro-government Yemeni fighters have been battling for control of the city of Taiz where hundreds of combatants and civilians have been killed.

"The situation is awful and the fighting is happening on many fronts. All the hospitals have closed except for one, so there's a shortage of medical care. Two rockets fell on the Deluxe neighbourhood, killing 14 people, among them women and children," Taiz resident Abdul Aziz Mohammed said.

"Taiz is being devastated."

Backed by a Saudi-led coalition that has been carrying out air strikes since March, pro-government forces have been battling for months to restore President Hadi - who is in exile in Riyadh - to power.

On Friday coalition warplanes killed 65 people in Taiz, most of them civilians, according to aid group Medecins Sans Frontieres.

The war in Yemen between Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government and its allies has left 80 percent of the country’s population in need of aid, according to the United Nations.

At least 4300 civilians have been killed and at least 1.3 million others forced to flee their homes since the coalition began its bombing campaign in support of the exiled government in March.

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