How the left is losing credibility over Aleppo

A Facebook post going viral on social media exposes how left-wing anti-war activists are contradicting their own principles through their silence on the Syrian regime bombardment of eastern Aleppo.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Civil Defense members in eastern Aleppo work at a site hit by an airstrike

Two of eastern Aleppo’s seven remaining hospitals were hit by airstrikes today as Syrian regime forces backed by Russian warplanes intensify efforts to take complete control of the city’s besieged areas.

But as the death toll of civilians continues to surge, the international community remains silent. Worse yet is the fact that even leftist groups and individuals, who usually never miss an opportunity to speak out, are among those who sit idle.

One British social media user expressed his frustration in this Facebook post.

What’s interesting is that the same individuals and groups mentioned in the post have a history of standing up against war and injustice.

The Stop the War Coalition has in the past been among the most vocal critics against the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. They have been avid supporters of the Palestinian cause and protested against the UK’s involvement in the US-led coalition in Syria.

Before becoming leader of the UK’s opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn was the head of the Stop the War coalition.

A young Jeremy Corbyn being arrested while protesting against apartheid

Noam Chomsky needs no introduction as an outspoken critic of the so-called US war on terror, and like his intellectual counterpart Tariq Ali, he has opposed unjust wars ever since the US got involved in Vietnam. But what makes the likes of Tariq Ali call people like slain British lawmaker Jo Cox an Al Qaeda sympathiser just because she opposed Bashar al Assad’s regime in Syria?

Why is it that former British lawmaker George Galloway, who up until today is still one of the fiercest critics of Israeli human rights violations of Palestinians, draws the line when it comes to Assad?

George Galloway gestures from an open top bus outside his campaign office in Bradford, northern England, March 30, 2012.

Having modelled their political image as rebels against capitalist imperialism and champions of free speech, why are leftist groups and individuals failing to condemn the crimes of the Assad regime on the Syrian people?

At what point did the people of eastern Aleppo, who only took up arms against the regime in 2011 after their peaceful protests for democracy were answered with bullets, become Al Qaeda?

Could the difference be that Assad is also a Socialist? It seems that these individuals have swerved from the real purpose of the left and taken their ideology as a means to further their personal interests and beliefs.

Remind you of anything?

Still from the 1954 cartoon version of George Orwell's Animal Farm

The left is no longer seen as a voice for the oppressed. Instead, thanks to these individuals, leftism is fast becoming nothing more than a weapon to advance the geo-strategic objectives of another superpower - Russia!

So while the left and the right argue over who gets the bomb what and who ultimately becomes the imperial power to mould a new future for Syria, the Syrian people in eastern Aleppo are watching that future taken away from them every time an airstrike kills even more children.