Integration for homeless children through education in Sudan

A charity in Sudan is trying to integrate homeless children back into society by offering meals on the condition that they attend school.

Photo by: UNICEF
Photo by: UNICEF

48 percent of school-aged children in Sudan do not go to school.

A charity in Sudan’s capital Khartoum aims to integrate street children back into society by providing the children with food and shelter, but only if they attend school. 

Mojaddidon charity started off serving meals to the homeless late last year. As the number of children coming for meals increased, they saw an opportunity to educate them as well.

Within a month of starting, they were able to open a roadside school. 

Now, they serve more than 100 street children per day, providing a space for education, food, socialisation and exercise in a country where 48 percent of school-aged children do not go to school.

TRT World's Rahul Radhakrishnan reports.