Iran accelerates talks to lift sanctions

During ongoing talks to lift sanctions, Iran President Rouhani says Iran is ready to improve relations with West

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif arrive at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 25, 2015, at the United Nations in New York.

Iran shifts gears to implement the landmark nuclear deal which will lift sanctions imposed on the country and drastically improve the economy.

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani arrived in New York to give a speech at the United Nations General Assembly and the most important topic he will discuss is the ‘nuclear deal’.

Rouhani talking to journalists about the nuclear deal on Friday in New York said that “conditions were ripe” for his administration to start implementing the agreement.

"The situation has certainly changed," said Rouhani and added "We can point to the tangibles, the many steps forward, but there is still a long road to travel."

Rouhani described the deal between Iran, the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China as a "big test" for US-Iranian relations.

He also stressed that the deal is important to create an atmosphere of trust.

"If we continue on the path, the road will be paved to further cooperation and collaboration," he said, adding that "we have seen good faith between the two sides."

President of Alstom, a French electricity generation and rail transport firm, Philippe Delleur who attended the Geneva forum said “We have a very positive reputation because of our past projects in Iran but of course we had to restrict our activities according to the international sanctions,” the Guardian reported.

“We are used to cooperating with Iranians, we’ve had excellent Iranian engineers in our companies and we are sure to be able to partner with Iranians again. We’re quite confident when sanctions are lifted our presence will grow,” he added.

Another industrial corporation, Bouygues and Aeroports de Paris is engaged in talks with Iran to construct the country’s largest transport project, the second terminal at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini international airport.

The US and Iran have been in conflict since Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution and the US hostage crisis that followed.

The conflict deepened due to Iranian uranium enrichment plants that were thought to be used for nuclear weapon manufacturing by the West.

Iranian and American relations further deteriorated because both countries support opposing groups in Syrian and Yemen civil wars.

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani stressed that the relations with US had evolved and said  "The situation has certainly changed," but "still a long road to travel" for normal ties.

No coalition with Russia

Rouhani stressed that Russian President, Vladimir Putin told him personally that Kremlin wants to be more actively involved in combating extremist groups in the region.

"I do not see a coalition between Iran and Russia on fighting terrorism in Syria," Rouhani told reporters in New York.

Iran and Russia are allied in the energy market and in Syria where both countries provide support to Bashar al Assad's regime.

Rouhani also stressed that Damascus should take some measure of political reform and said "Stability can be imagined with democracy, but democracy cannot be imagined without stability," he added,  "You cannot put a ballot box in a battlefield."

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