Iran executes Kurdish prisoner despite international calls

Iranian regime executes Kurdish political prisoner Behrouz Alkhani and five others on Wednesday morning

Photo by: Twitter
Photo by: Twitter

Kurdish political prisoner Behrouz Alkhani were executed on Wednesday morning

The Iranian regime executed Kurdish political prisoner Behrouz Alkhani and five ordinary prisoners in the central prison of Urmia, western Iran, despite all appeals and objections raised by Amnesty International and other human rights organizations.

Amnesty International on Tuesday said in a statement: "The Iranian authorities must urgently halt Behrouz Alkhani’s execution."

Amnesty International reported that Alkhani was transferred out of the Urmia prison’s general ward and moved to solitary confinement before his execution. The execution was carried out even as he was awaiting a Supreme Court appeal. Amnesty International appealed to Iran to halt his execution on Tuesday.

"Carrying out a death sentence while a prisoner is awaiting the outcome of his appeal is a serious violation of both Iranian and international law, and is an affront to justice,” said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International.

“The authorities have already carried out nearly 700 executions in Iran so far this year. Allowing Behrouz Alkhani’s death sentence to be implemented will only leave them with more blood on their hands.”

Families of prisoners paid a last visit a day before execution demanding the halting of death penalties. Prison officials told them the execution would take place the next day. The National Council of Resistance of Iran has reported that 80 members of his family and human rights activists gathered outside of the prison. They were attacked by prison guards and anti-riot police.

After the execution, bodies of Alkhani and other prisoners were delivered to their families.

Behrouz Alkhani, 30, born in Salmas, northwest Iran, was first arrested in January 2010 and stayed in solitary confinement for more than a year without access to a lawyer or his family.

In 2011, Alkhani was charged with collaborating with the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan and PKK for allegedly participating in the assassination of the Prosecutor of Khoy, West Azerbaijan province. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.The Appeal court sentenced Alkhani to death but he was waiting for the outcome.

Alkhani was under physical and psychological torture in detention centers in Salmas, Khoy and Urmia. He was suffering from heart ailment due to the tortures and prison conditions.

Another Kurdish political prisoner Sirwan Nejawiyi was also executed in August three years after his detention on July 2012.

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