Iranian military adviser killed in Ramadi

Iranian army officer killed during advising on tactics to get back Ramadi from ISIS

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A military adviser from Iran has been killed near the Iraqi city of Ramadi while giving directions to Iraqi forces on how to recapture it from ISIS, state media reported on Monday.

According to IRNA news agency, Jassem Nouri, who had also served as a military adviser in Syria, was killed on Thursday.

“A seasoned (1980-88) Iran-Iraq war commander, Jassem Nouri was there as a military adviser to share his experience with the resistance fighters in Iraq,” the city’s Friday prayer leader Qassem Khaziravi told mourners.

After ISIS captured the city of Ramadi in Anbar province in an offensive two weeks ago, the Iraqi army has announced a counterattack to take back the city.

The Iraqi army, accompanied by Shiite and Sunni fighters, have been sent to the region to get Ramadi back.

The town of Husaiba al Sharqiya near Ramadi was taken back from ISIS on May 24 by Iraqi forces and Sunni tribal fighters deployed to the region.

The US reluctantly approved the deployment of Hashd al Shaabi fighters to take back Ramadi from ISIS, despite warnings from US lawmakers of an increase in sectarian violence due to the involvement of the Iranian-backed Shiite fighters.

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