Iraq exhumes 470 bodies of ISIS massacre

Remains of 470 people killed by ISIS last year found in burial sites

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Iraq has found the remains of 470 people believed to be killed by ISIS militants near the city of Tikrit last year.

“We have exhumed the bodies of 470 Speicher martyrs from burial sites in Tikrit,” Iraq’s Health Minister Adila Hammoud said in a press conference on Thursday.

Hammoud said the figure of 470 was not final.

“The work to exhume Speicher victims continues,” she added.

Ziad Ali Abbas, the chief doctor at Baghdad’s main morgue, said the bodies came from four burial sites.

The victims are believed to be among the 1,700 mostly Shiite soldiers who were captured by ISIS militants in Camp Speicher near Tikrit in June 2014.

Iraqi army and allied Shiite militias recaptured Tikrit early in April.

Recently, Iraqi forces are making progress against ISIS militants in Anbar province, but Ramadi, a key city that fell to ISIS on May 21, has proven difficult to recapture.

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