Iraq launches operation to recapture Baiji from ISIS

Iraqi Army launches operation to regain control of Baiji in northern Iraq from ISIS militants

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Military vehicles belonging to the Iraqi security forces take part in a security deployment during an operation against ISIS.

The Iraqi Army launched an attack along with volunteer militia fighters against ISIS on Wednesday to recapture Baiji in northern Iraq from ISIS militants, Iraqi military spokesman Colonel Mohammed al Asadi said on Wednesday.

Al Asadi announced that the Hashid al Shaabi, a known Shia militia force in Iraq and Iraqi Army troops started their assault from the south of Baiji on Wednesday and have advanced the fight into the city.

He added that the US air strikes and Iraqi Air Force have also joined the anti-ISIS attacks.

The US Department of Defence had released a statement in July saying that the Iraqi armed forces supported by the popular mobilisation forces and the US-led international coalition made great progress in their battle against ISIS, as they advanced towards Baiji oil refinery.

During the clashes, Baiji has changed hands many times between security forces and ISIS militants.

However, Iraqi forces and the US-led international coalition have not yet succeeded in retaking the city from the militants.

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