Iraqi Army chief says his forces will retake Ramadi in days

Iraqi Army chief claims his forces need only days to retake Ramadi from DAESH despite slowing pace of advance

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi security forces gather to advance towards the center of Ramadi city, December 22, 2015. Picture taken December 22, 2015

An Iraqi Army chief claimed on Wednesday that his troops needed only days to retake Ramadi from DAESH.

Iraqi armed forces advanced in the center of Iraq’s western city of Ramadi, capital of Anbar Province, on Tuesday as part of their operation to retake the city which was captured by DAESH in May.

"In the coming days will be announced the good news of the complete liberation of Ramadi," chief of staff General Othman al Ghanemi told Iraqi state TV.

The Iraqi advance is supported by US air strikes on DAESH positions in the city.

The troops’ progress was slow on Wednesday, as they had to move carefully to avoid the booby traps that the DAESH terrorists left behind while retreating.

If the Iraqi forces succeed in their operation, Ramadi will be the second major city after Tikrit that they have retaken from DAESH.

DAESH still controls Mosul, second largest city of Iraq, and Fallujah, which is located on the road from Baghdad to Ramadi.

As government forces advanced in the city, dozens of families escaped to safety, fleeing DAESH.

Chief of the security committee in eastern Ramadi, Ibrahim al Fahdawi said around 50 families fled the conflict region.

The Iraqi military asked residents of Ramadi to leave the city within 72 hours and suggested safe routes for them to take before the start of the operation.

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