Iraqi army fights its way towards Mosul airport

Scores of people have fled the area on the southern front of Mosul as Iraqi Armed Forces move closer to the centre of the city.

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

People of southern Mosul have fled their homes as clashes between Iraqi security forces and Daesh continue.

Iraqi security forces are battling their way towards Mosul airport on the southern edge of the city which has been under Daesh for more than two years.

Mosul has been under Daesh rule since 2014 and is considered its economic capital because of large oil reserves. Retaking the airport is seen as a significant development in the operation to liberate the northern Iraqi city.

A major operation by Iraqi forces, Kurdish peshmerga fighters and Popular Mobilisation Forces backed by an international coalition, was launched on October 17, after the Iraqi government resolved to regain control and restore its writ in the city.