Iraqi army to start operation against DAESH in Ramadi

Iraqi army prepares to start operation soon in order to recapture western city of Ramadi from DAESH

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi security forces make their way during a patrol looking for DAESH militants on the outskirts of Ramadi April 9, 2015

Iraqi army chief of staff Othman al-Ghanemi said on Monday that they are preparing to start an operation to take back the western city of Ramadi from DAESH very soon.

"There is an ongoing operation to control a sector in preparation of the onslaught on the city centre within the coming hours, God willing," he said.

The city of Ramadi has been under the control of DAESH since May. Since then, the Iraqi army has arranged several operations to take back the city.

The Iraqi warplanes on Sunday dropped leaflets on Ramadi calling the residents of the city to leave within 72 hours, but the Iraqi Defence Ministry spokesman said that DAESH has been preventing civilians from leaving the city as the army prepares for the attack.

Iraqi intelligence estimates the number of DAESH fighters in Ramadi to be around 250 to 300.

At present, approximately 3,500 US troops are advising the Iraqi government in the fight against DAESH, but two senior Republican senators early on December called for this figure to be almost tripled to 10,000.

Iran-backed Shiite militias People Mobilisation Units also joined forces with the Iraqi army earlier this year, to clear the Iraqi city of Tikrit from DAESH with the aid of US-led air strikes.

The US-led coalition have been launching an aerial campaign against the terror group DAESH in Syria and Iraq since September 2014. United States, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are taking part in the coalition.

The terrorist group is controlling swathes that starts from western Iraqi territories to northeastern Syria.


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