Iraqi forces drive Daesh out of at least 30 neighbourhoods in Mosul

The Mosul operation was launched in October last year to rid the city of the terrorist group.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi forces on the offensive in the battle to retake the neighbourhoods of Karama al Shamali in the east and Intisar in the southeast of Mosul.

The battle for Mosul is continuing in the eastern and southern districts of the Iraqi city.

In the latest fighting, Iraqi forces liberated the neighbourhoods of Karama al Shamali in the east and Intisar in the southeast.

The Iraqi military says it has driven Daesh from at least 30 of the northern city's neighbourhoods since October last year, when it and its allies launched the offensive to retake Mosul from the terrorist group.

TRT World ’s Abir Al Ahmar has more from Erbil, Iraq.