Iraqi forces make progress in battle for western Mosul

Tens of thousands people have been forced to flee their homes in the western part of the country amid heavy bombings.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi special forces soldiers search a house during a battle with Daesh in western Mosul, Iraq March 2, 2017.

Iraqi forces are making progress in the fight against Daesh to retake the western part of Mosul.

Several neighbourhoods have been recaptured by Iraqi army after 10 days of heavy air strikes and artillery fire.

Iraqi forces have taken control of the key Daesh-held districts such as al-Dawasa, al-Jawsaq and al-Tayaran.

Thousands of Iraqis have fled western Mosul since the offensive to retake the western part of the country was launched on February 19.

Iraq's Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassem Mohammed al-Jaff, said that field teams received  "26,000 displaced people from western Mosul during the past 10 days."

Iraqi forces declared the liberation of the eastern half of the country 100 days after the launch of the offensive last October.

TRT World’s Nicole Johnston reports from Mosul.

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