Iraqi military clears areas around Ramadi from DAESH

Iraqi Army says territory linking Ramadi to key army base cleared from DAESH remnants

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

An Iraqi security forces sniper looks through the scope of his rifle as he stands guard in the city of Ramadi, January 16, 2016

Iraqi Army forces recaptured several areas from DAESH militants on Tuesday, areas link Ramadi to a key army base in western Iraq, the military said.

A statement broadcast on state television said the Iraqi Army, police and counter-terrorism forces have retaken several areas including the town of Husaiba al Sharqiya, about 10 km east of Ramadi.

According to the statement from the army, Iraqi forces managed to open the road from Ramadi to Baghdad which passes through al Khaldiya, the highway links Ramadi to the US base in Habbaniye.

Iraqi Army declared victory in December over DAESH in Ramadi, the provincial capital west of Baghdad, two years after DAESH militants first entered Iraq. It was the first major gain for the US-trained force since it collapsed in the face of an assault by the militants in 2014.

Government forces are still dismantling bombs planted in Ramadi, and much of the city's infrastructure needs to be rebuilt.

Tuesday's advance boosts government efforts to close in on Falluja, the DAESH stronghold located between Ramadi and Baghdad which is besieged by the army and Iranian-backed Shiite militias.

Iraq is deploying thousands of soldiers to an area southeast of Mosul for operations aimed at cutting supply lines, which will set the stage for direct efforts to retake the city.

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