Iraqi troops retake DAESH held compound in Ramadi

Iraqi forces recapture government complex held by DAESH in Ramadi army spokesman says

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Iraqi security forces prepare to advance towards the centre of Ramadi city, December 24, 2015.

Iraqi troops have completely taken control of the government compound held by DAESH terrorists in the city of Ramadi, Joint Operations Command spokesman said on Sunday.

Ramadi will be the second major city after Tikrit that have been retaken from DAESH, the city has been under DAESH control since May.

The terrorists "seem to have fled the complex, we're not encountering any resistance," said Sabah al Numani, a spokesman for the government’s counter-terrorism unit.

"We're seeing lots of DAESH bodies, killed in the air strikes on the compound," he said.

Since Tuesday, Iraqi forces have managed to break DAESH defences around the city core, as clashes took place in the Hoz neighborhood which houses the provincial government complex.

A senior officer from Iraq's 8th Army Division said the latest fighting left several members of the security forces injured.

"Seven of our forces were also wounded in these clashes and as a result of the explosion of mines," he said.

According to several reports, at least five Iraqi troops have been killed since Friday, but the government has not confirmed the death toll for the operation yet.

The Iraqi Army’s next push will be recapturing the northern city of Mosul, the most populated centre under DAESH control in Iraq and Syria.

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