Iraqi VP thanks Turkey for its fight against DAESH

Iraqi Vice President Osama al Nujaifi thanks Turkey for its fight against DAESH, its support for people of Mosul in Iraq

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

Iraqi Vice President Osama al Nujaifi shakes hands with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in Ankara, Feb 5, 2014.

Iraqi Vice President Osama al Nujaifi thanked Turkey on Saturday for its continued fight against DAESH terror organisation.

"Today, I found the opportunity to thank President Erdogan and PM Davutoglu for their efforts and Turkey’s role while fighting with the DAESH terrorist organisation, which is a common threat for all the world, the US and the EU. Turkey’s help is considerable and we hope Turkey will go on helping during the coming period," he said.

Nujaifi said he was grateful to Turkey due its support of the people of Mosul in Iraq.

He also stated during a meeting, the current Mosul operation was discussed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

"A new operation started just three days ago in the south. What we expect is to accelerate and expand this operation to rescue Mosul. [...] We think that Mosul will be retaken by the help of Iraqi Army and Peshmergas from the south." 

Iraq's armed forces started an offensive against the DAESH terrorist group on Thursday in the region around Mosul with air cover from the US-led coalition, pushing the militants out of several villages.

Iraqi security forces wait for vehicles travelling to Mosul to fight against militants of Islamic State at an Iraqi army base in Camp Taji in Baghdad, February 21, 2016. (Reuters)

Nujaifi expresses his condolences for Turkish soldiers

Iraqi Vice President Nujaifi indicated his condolences for the Turkish soldiers, one of whom is dead and other wounded in northern Iraq.

The incident came during a gun battle between DAESH terrorists and Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters on Saturday around the Bashiqa Military Base located in northern Iraq.

Turkish Armed Forces on Dec. 4 deployed around 150 soldiers and 25 tanks to the town of Bashiqa to replace the troops that have been training Peshmerga forces against DAESH terror organisation in the region since March 2015.

However, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al Abadi criticised the deployment, claiming that it had been carried out without Baghdad's approval and asked Turkish government to withdraw its troops from the region.

Erdogan said that Turkish soldiers would continue to stay in northern Iraq because they had been stationed there for training purposes at the request of the Iraqi government.

Afterwards, Turkey announced that its military units in the country had been relocated and it would continue to redeploy its forces.

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