ISIS attacks Shiite-backed Iraqi forces

ISIS launches suicide bomb attacks against Shiite-backed Iraqi government forces

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

ISIS attacked Iraqi government and Shiite militia targets, killing at least eleven in a battle to control Iraq’s biggest refinery near the city of Baiji, Reuters reported.

Security forces and the local headquarters of the Shiite militias in the area of al-Hijjaj, have been targeted by ISIS with vehicles packed with explosives in recent weeks.

The city of Baiji, located in the north of Baghdad, was seized by ISIS last month. The territory was lost to ISIS after Iraqi troops withdrew from the region.

The US President Barack Obama ordered the deployment of 450 US troops to Anbar province to support Iraqi forces to retake the lost territory back from ISIS.

Bomb attacks targeting public places and security forces in Baghdad killed at least 20 people on Tuesday.

10 people were killed and 24 people wounded in the deadly attack, carried out on Tuesday night, a bomb laden car exploded near restaurants and shops on Palestine street in eastern Baghdad.

Later on a roadside bomb exploded during an army patrol in Yusufiyah, killing three soldiers and a civilian.

Two other separate attacks were also carried out in public places killing six people.

No group claimed immediate responsibility for the attacks, however they bore the hallmarks of ISIS.

Deadly bomb attacks are usually carried out around Baghdad most of which are claimed by ISIS.

The ISIS group mainly targets the security forces and the country's Shiite majority, while battling Iraqi forces on multiple fronts elsewhere in the country.

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