ISIS executes five men in eastern Syria

SOHR reports ISIS executes five young men in Mayadin district of eastern Syria

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

ISIS has executed five young men in Mayadin district of eastern Syria, said The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which tracks the conflict from Britain through contacts on the ground, basing the news on Ombudsman Office and Public Relations.

The sources confirmed that ISIS executed four of them over the charges of ‘’apostasy and incitement to fight against ISIS’’ in one of its headquarters while executed the fifth one for ‘’sodomy’’ by dropping him from a mountain.

It’s known ISIS executes people publicly, this is considered the first time it carried out a non-public execution.

The SOHR published a report on May 28 about the figures of executions committed by the ISIS since the declaration of its alleged “Caliphate.”

According to the report, ISIS has executed 2,618 people so far. Four hundred and sixty-four of the executions were carried out in only one month, in the period from April 28 to May 28 in 2015 in its-held area in Syria.

A hundred and forty-nine people, including 14 children and 13 females were executed by ISIS in the provinces of al Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, al Hasakah, Homs, Aleppo, Reef Dimahq.

Meanwhile, the SOHR documented a total death of 6,657 people in May, 2015 as a result of continuing conflict in the country.

Around 200,000 people have been killed and millions displaced since 2011 in Syria's civil war. 

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