ISIS executes journalist in Mosul

ISIS militants reportedly execute Iraqi journalist in Mosul for spying

Photo by: ISIS media
Photo by: ISIS media

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Local officials are worried after ISIS has reportedly executed Iraqi journalist Jala al Abadi on Saturday on charges of spying, in Mosul, Iraq’s north.

ISIS had taken the man from his home earlier in June, and executed him on Wednesday after accusing him of leaking information about the group to the national press.

The father of two was executed by a firing squad 41 days after being detained by ISIS.

The 1988-born al Abadi had been working as a journalist and cameraman for more than 10 years in the local Mosulia TV station.

Security and medical officials in Mosul confirmed the journalist’s death.

The man had left Mosul after ISIS’ offensive on the city in 2014, but he had returned for personal reasons, according to a close associate.

He was captured by ISIS as he tried to leave for the second time.

Al Abadi is just one of many executed journalists in Mosul since the group took parts of Iraq and Syria as part of their so-called “caliphate” last year.

ISIS has become infamous for its disturbing and inhumane forms of executions, which are carried out quite often.

The group began its bloody insurgency last year, leading to the flee of many ethnic groups who previously lived in the region.

It is still controlling a swath of territory larger than Britain extending from eastern Syria to northern and western Iraq.

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