ISIS Hacks Egypt’s radio station Twitter account

Twitter account belonging to Egypt’s number one radio station for music and entertainment has been hacked early this morning by ISIS

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Updated Jul 28, 2015

Two branches of ISIS called “Sinai Operations” in north east Egypt and “Al Ansar” in Libya hacked the Twitter account of Nojoum FM, Egypt’s number one radio station for music and entertainment this morning, addressing Egyptians and posting tweets, including a tweet about ousted former president Mohamed Morsi, according to Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper. The tweet said: “Our families and friends in Egypt, you have gained nothing but disappointment and humiliation from the Muslim Brotherhood, your glory and salvation lies in Jihad,” accompanied by a photo of Morsi behind bars. Another tweet said: “All the hardships you’re facing are the reaps of what you sow.” Other tweets included the biography of ISIS leader “Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi,” and another tweet said, “Stop listening to the music of atheism and promiscuity.” Then a series of nasheed, Islamic vocal music accompanied by percussion instruments, along with comic photos and more preaching and invitations to Egyptians to join in. Ahmad Younis, Egyptian Radio host in Nojoum FM, announced on his Facebook page shortly after that the radio’s Twitter account has been hacked and everything being posted at the moment is in no way associated with the radio’s original administration. The radio’s Facebook page warned of the twitter hack as well saying: “Our Twitter account has been compromised and penetrated by ISIS hackers, we are working as hard as we can to retrieve it the earliest time possible.” Al-Ansar group, ISIS’ military arm in Libya announced its responsibility for the hack and urged Egyptians to never believe “the promiscuous media outlets and join ISIS.” Following the message numerous videos of Libya operations conducted by ISIS were posted and a warning to all government affiliated TV and Radio channels that they will all “meet the same end.” Meanwhile, no tweets have been made in the name of Sinai Operations. Nojoum FM was founded in 2004, as the first non-governmental radio station of Arabic entertainment orientation, it gained a large following in a short time and remained on top for many years, according to media research. This is not the first time ISIS hacks websites or social media. In Egypt, the website of Al Yaum Al Sabea (the seventh day), a prominent news website, was hacked last November. Outside Egypt, ISIS has hacked numerous websites and accounts in the U.S. and Europe, and the FBI started investigating incidents separately last month, according to the Huffington Post. Websites hacked include the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre,the Eldora Speedway website in New Weston, Ohio, and similar hacks were reported in March at businesses in Cincinnati, Cleveland, St. Louis, Long Island, New York in the U.S.

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