ISIS kills 30 police officers in heavy clashes in Ramadi

Officials from regional capital put death toll at 30 as ISIS continues its attacks

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Clashes between regional security forces and ISIS militants reportedly killed 30 police officers in Anbar’s provincial capital of Ramadi.

Anbar’s police chief, Staff Major General Kadhim al-Fahdawi told reporters that the weeklong clashes killed 30 police officers, wounding a further 100 as of Monday morning.

Following the Iraqi army and Iranian backed Shiite militias’ successes in expelling ISIS from Tikrit in March, the militants began to ramp up their attacks on Ramadi.

Anbar, Iraq’s westernmost province, has been largely held by ISIS since early 2014, with Ramadi remaining as a focal point for clashes since August.

The death toll provided by Fahdawi did not include 13 soldiers that were killed to the east of the city in bombings and firefights on Friday.

Initial reports about the clashes to the east of the city claimed that 100 soldiers had been killed in the village of Nadhim al Tharthar, however Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid al Obeidi falsified the reports.

The initial reports of the clashes in Nadhim al Tharthar lead to demonstrations outside the Iraqi parliament in Baghdad where crowds demanded Obeidi’s resignation.

Last week, Anbar’s Deputy Governor Faleh al Issawi requested that the central government in Baghdad sent reinforcements to Ramadi due to the “catastrophic” situation in the city.

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