ISIS releases video of four Iraqi Shiite men being burned

Four Iraqi Shiite militants shown in video released by ISIS as they were strung up in chains and burnt alive, as retaliation for alleged previous execution of ISIS militants

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

ISIS militants parade on tank through streets

Social media sources believed to be linked to the militant group ISIS, posted footage online on Monday, showing four Iraqi Shiite militants strung up with chains and burned alive, the latest execution video published by the militant group.

The four victims - identified as militants from the Popular Mobilisation Forces from southern Iraq - were suspended by chains attached to their hands and feet, and then set on fire.

ISIS allegedly stated that this act was a retaliation for the burning of four men by pro-government forces.

"Now retribution has come, for today, we will attack them as they attacked us, and punish them as they punished us," a masked militant states in the video, which was not dated and did not say where the video was filmed.

The militant in the video was referring to a clip which showed a man, allegedly a member of ISIS, suspended over fire, as pro-government forces stand around, and another famous Shiite militant Abu Azrael - translated to English as "Father of the Angel of Death" - slicing a piece of flesh off his burned corpse with a sword.

Abu Azrael, was awarded with a 'Medal of Honour' by representatives of the Iraq-based Shiite leader Ayetullah Ali Sistani on June 4.

The Popular Mobilisation Forces has emerged as one of the strongest militant bodies in Iraq, since the near collapse of the country’s national army a year ago, and many abuses by the Shiite forces in Sunni areas reclaimed from ISIS have been reported.

In the past few months there have been reports of violations, including killings, looting and burning of Sunni homes. Qais al Khazali, a prominent Shiite leader in the Popular Mobilisation Forces, has denied the accusations.

The Iraqi Army uses the help of the Iranian-backed Popular Mobilisation Forces in their battle against ISIS in Anbar Province, the “Isolation” of ISIS militants is planned to happen soon, in order to launch a final attack to recover the lost areas.

ISIS already controls large swathes of Iraqi land, taking advantage of the security vacuum. Large parts of Anbar Province were lost to ISIS in 2014.

The militant group has carried out a chain of atrocities in the territories that it controls in both Iraq and Syria, including mass executions and campaigns of killings, kidnapping and rape.

ISIS has recorded many killings - including beheadings, shootings, drownings and burnings - in videos and posted online.

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