ISIS reopens luxury hotel for social facilities

Luxury hotel in Mosul refurbished for social facilities and ISIS commanders

Photo by: The Telegraph
Photo by: The Telegraph

Updated Jul 28, 2015

ISIS has refurbished and reopened a luxury hotel in Mosul city of Iraq, for social facilities and its commanders visiting the area from neighboring regions.

The photos of the hotel have been published on social media by ISIS group’s propaganda accounts. 

People are seen cleaning windows, tending to a garden and painting, while the black flag of ISIS is seen being raised in the grounds of the hotel in the photos. Multi-colored balloons are also released for the opening.

For the time being, senior ISIS commanders visiting Mosul will be able to enjoy the $100-a-night stay luxury hotel, Sky news has reported

The hotel will be also used for weddings and other ceremonies of ISIS, the source added.

TripAdvisor –the most popular hotel reservation and rate website- still promotes the hotel on the website.

The five-star hotel of ISIS has a number of positive reviews on TripAdvisor, all of which were posted before ISIS took over the city.

One user called it "one of the best hotels in Iraq", where you can "enjoy the luxury life with (a) very affordable room rate".

Another wrote: "It's actually so comfortable and has a nice view with a large garden and a nice look to the river."

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